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Welcome to apexminecrafthosting.com we are leaders in Minecraft Server Hotsing!

Reliable Minecraft hosting is the backbone of our business. Our team of specialized server administrators work constantly to provide the best hardware and support offered in the industry.

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More about who we are...

We have servers in North America and Europe. In North American we have servers available on the East and West coast in Arizona and Montreal. Our Europe servers are located in Amsterdam. With players in over 50 countries we are able to offer great connections to our customers across the globe..

Test Servers: North America East: east.apexminecraft.com North America West: west.apexminecraft.com Europe: eu.apexminecraft.com

Host your own Minecraft Server across the globe and feel the power of what we offer.Server setup is automatic and instant. As soon as you choose a package your server will be ready to host a game of Minecraft. 24/7 Support and online chat you will never be without.

With protection of DDOS we strive to keep your Minecraft Server Online at all times when its full!!