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We are dedicated to keeping your server online. We monitor the status of servers to provide maximum uptime, allowing you to go to sleep knowing your server is still running

It is our mission is to revolutionize the Minecraft hosting industry by offering premium quality servers at rock-bottom prices.l.

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More about who we are...

Shockbyte is a game server provider, launched with intentions of providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible price. We're a registered business in Australia and have been providing our services since March 2013, making us one of the longest running Minecraft hosts. Our team is comprised of experienced and dedicated, gamers and developers who've been working in the hosting industry for multiple years. Shockbyte aims to provide an amazing user experience and the best service possible. This is why we use some of the best hardware available and have our staff team spread across 3 continents in order to provide 24 hour support to all clients. With our 24-hour money back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose! So what are you waiting for?. .

Simply compare our pricing with any other Minecraft Server Hosting and we are sure you will see that our prices are very reasonable for what we offer, we have also peace of mind for any reason you as a customer are not happy we will refund withink a 24 hour period from when the purchase was made..

Our company provides and offers choices or servers with SDD hardrives that are strong and powerfull for your minecraft world, we have in place across the board unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwith across all of our plans on our Minecraft Servers.

Come see why we have many happy customers that are using our service and have got some rather big Minecraft Worlds with plugins to be added we are sure you will be happy with your purchase.