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Thanks for reading about us at beastnode.com, we have a custom developed Minecraft Server Hosting that provides the Hosting Servers for you to run and host your minecraft world.

We bring you a powerfull but affordable service compared to other server companies on the market.

Highly dedicated staff team to ensure you are given the best possible service and to maintain the high qualify service around the clock!

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More about who we are...

Beastnode.com is a powerful but affordable service used for Hosting Minecraft Servers. Beastnode will give you more than enough power and space to host your friends and familly on your gaming servers, web hosting servers and anything else you can think of. Here at beastnode we aim to provide a constant high quality service that no other Minecraft Server Hosting can provide, we have an around the clock support team based in the UK and in the US so we can provide 24-7 assistance for our customers. We have plans that are suitable for everybody's needs starting at as little as $10 with several secure ways to pay and best of all,instant access!

Beastnode operates using several premium dedicated servers that offer constant power that other Minecraft Servers simply can not match. We're always working to keep up to date with the latest and best,servers and we provide a huge range of addons to fulfil all our customers needs. With over 100 new customers daily we aim to provide each and every individual customer with everything they could possibly need from our service and this is why we are proud to be the #1 Minecraft Server Hosting on the market. Dont waste your time with other Minecraft hosting as they simply can not match the service we provide.!