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This is a little introduction to who we are, we are a company that was established in 2013 and enjoy the hosting side of the internet, we love to keep our customers happy and enjoy the game of Minecraft.

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More about who we are...

Founded in 2013 by renowned tech and gaming experts, Kacper Jednorowicz, Miles Coughlan and Karim Rahmani, Endermite Host is the gaming community’s ultimate solution to a changing Minecraft and web hosting industries. Our team of talented professionals are dedicated to delivering effective gaming solutions to our users based on supportive technology and enduring sustainability..

Endermite Host was established as a resource for providing essential services with extremely high levels of customer service that our users won’t find anywhere else. Opportunities are emerging for significant investments potential in core infrastructures with a focus on partnerships built across multiple companies. Endermite Host is at the forefront of this new world and we have the ability to offer our customers a superior approach to their needs. Combined with a flexible and innovative approach to web services, Endermite Host has established a varied client base securing solid growth within the industry.

As a worldwide growing market-leader for the provision of web related services, we have extensive experience across multiple sectors, working with commercial businesses, sole traders, gamers and individuals which has positioned Endermite Host as the partner of choice for all aspects of today’s web related services.

We set our standards high and are driven to becoming the best at what we do. By maintaining and improving our customer support and sales strategies, we can reach our corporate goals more effectively. In 2014, Endermite Host saw a total make over and improvement of services when acquired by a new owner in order to become a premium host at several levels in the industry. Our staff is constantly working to improve Endermite Host so our users can enjoy more of what we have to offer.