Why you should host your own minecraft server?.

Introduction: Have you ever wanted to host your own Minecraft Server but just didnt now how?

Take controll of your game and be in controllof what happens , build a game server that is popular and reliable.

Minecraft server hosting can be free yes you read this correct we have a site that offers free minecraft servers this means no fees per month whis is great.

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True facts why Minecraft Hosting Servers may go offline...

Servers and applications need to be up and running at all times. If performance slows even a little, minecraft users are likely to jump quickly to a competitor’s game server. The message to minecraft server companies owners is clear: Test and monitor your Minecraft Servers! Few server companies, if any, perform exhaustive testing. Usually focused solely on catching bugs, many Minecraft Server Hosting Compnaies ignore functionality testing, usability testing and performance testing

Three critical elements in defining the user experience with a game server. In short, Minecraft Server Hosting and developers should not only test for bugs, test whether the servers does what it is meant to do (functionality testing) and test whether the user is able to easily accomplish tasks and objectives on the game servers (usability testing), but they must also test whether the user gets results from the game servers in an acceptable time (performance testing). Performance testing is a critical component of your Minecraft Server application’s overall success. From a performance standpoint, your goal is to ensure that your customers they are reliable.

Optimize your Minecraft Servers so that that 95% of all requests are processed in less than 10 seconds.

DDos attacks are a part of the internet world and have become a daily use for people that intend on doing things for the wrong reasons. Its a must that server owners understand what is hapening on there game server rather than blamming the Minecraft Hosting Company for errors out of there controll.